Sunday, 25 January 2009

A new lockout

And so it begins, another management lockout at a Sun Media newspaper in Quebec.

The 253 reporters, photographers, copy editors and office employees at the profitable Montreal de Journal were locked out at midnight Friday after contract negotiations failed.

The Montreal Gazette quotes union members as saying they will fight any attempt by Quebecor Media to use scab labour in the daily publication of the Journal.

A Journal spokesperson said scabs will not be used.

The Gazette says the locked-out workers have launched a French-language site to publicize their cause, but will not publish their own newspaper, as Journal de Quebec did during its 16-month lockout/strike.

MediaMatin, a free weekday tabloid, was published by the 252 Quebec City employees from the day after the lockout/strike to the settlement last August.

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  1. This also means the Toronto library has an extra paper to archive every night, after four full-timers were laid off.