Monday, 19 January 2009

Sun farewells

We are still trying to understand the Toronto Sun's lack of consideration for tabloid vets who are making their exits without a word of thanks in print.

The Sunday Sun had a front page story about a paramedic retiring after 40 years, but a growing number of departing Sun vets are receiving no recognition, some after decades on the job.

Vets like John Downing, Valerie Gibson, Linda Leatherdale, Al Cairns, Bill Brioux, Len Fortune, Tim Fryer, Darren McGee and other loyal Sun employees who got the silent treatment.

What is that all about? As we have said numerous times, that is not the respectful Sun we knew in the pre-Quebecor years.

There have been a few exceptions, most notably Mike Strobel's tribute to departing pressmen in 2008, Mark Bonokoski's catchup column on the quiet departure of Hartley Steward in 2007, and John Kerr's farewell in December after 27 years of Outdoors columns.

But for many others, the silent treatment.

We're waiting to see if the most recent buyout vets will be thanked in print for their years on the job, including Lew Fournier, Bob McConachie, Kaarina Leinala, Sheila Chidley, Sarah Green and Melinda Kryk.

We have our doubts.

So good on Calvin Reynolds, the photo desk vet who does the Sunday Sun's Brain Drain with Professor Calvin quiz, for including a question about Sheila Chidley, with an excellent photo.

Perhaps it was Calvin, who was on the list of Black Tuesday layoff casualties in December, saying his goodbye to Sheila, a much admired colleague who is taking a buyout after two decades on the job.

Sheila's photo reminded us of her effervescence and contagious smile.

TSF would appreciate photos of all departing Toronto Sun vets.

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