Sunday, 25 January 2009

Joe & Lew

Sun's fun puns
Walk with Lew
A tip of the fedora to Joe "The Scrawler" Warmington for saying farewell to Lew Fournier, the ace headline writer who worked his last shift at the Toronto Sun on Friday.

Joe paid tribute to the 45-year print media vet with a paragraph and a photo, which is more than what most exiting Sun vets have been given in recent years.

Says Joe in his Saturday column: "Also congrats to Lew Fournier, the Toronto Sun headline writing legend who worked his last shift of a 45-year journalism career last night and is heading for a well-deserved rest on a beach. Well earned."

TSF seconds Joe's best wishes to Lew, one of eight recent vets to take buyouts at the shrinking Sun. We hope he and the others have one wingding of a sendoff party.

There won't be the same zing and wit in Toronto Sun headlines with Lew's departure.

A few of his many classics:

Queen of Mean has room in tomb re 2007 death of New York hotels billionaire and ex-con Leona Helmsley

Pink Finks Sink Rinks re 2008 re left-leaning councillors closing outdoor municipal hockey rinks

Firefighters save farmer's ass re AP story about Minnesota firefighters saving a donkey from the bottom of a farmer's well.

Meal almost becomes cereal killer re story about a Hwy. 401 motorist who lost control of his car while eating cereal.

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