Thursday, 15 January 2009

News judgment

So the Toronto Sun devotes two full pages to Toronto's Top 10 bank robbery suspects' photos and a reader's tip leads to an arrest the same day.

Sun reader's tip nabs suspect in three bank heists - one down and nine to go. Good Sun story, right? Worth more than a brief Sun Flash?

Not these days. Editors threw it away as a Page 6 News Flash.

No tip of the hat to the anonymous Sun reader who made the call Monday and no mention of Rob Lamberti's work on the 2008 bank bandit photo spread the same day.

How about Toronto Police? Were they not pleased to see such a quick arrest after Monday's print edition hit the streets? Please note "print" edition.

If the anonymous reader was strictly a reader, the quick arrest wouldn't have happened. No photos accompanied the story online, just text.

Another vote of confidence for the power of print media.

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