Saturday, 10 January 2009

Post & Linda

The word about Linda Leatherdale's rapidly expanding new blog keeps spreading, thanks to other blogs and major print media.

Jonathan Chevreau at the National/Financial Post had this to say on his The Wealthy Boomer blog today:

"Linda Leatherdale's new blog

"My colleague and friend Linda Leatherdale recently left her position as Money Editor at the Toronto Sun and has launched her own blog here. Leatherdale is also an author, notably of Money is a Girl's Best Friend. Her debut blog entry includes a nod to Findependence Day, as Linda describes how she's plunging into her own Financial Independence. The blog will also include streaming Internet video content, which will allow Linda to continue her populist crusades defending the rights of the average financial consumer."

That's the Globe and Mail and the National/Financial Post. We haven't seen a plug for Linda's blog in the Star or the Sun, but we're hoping the editors at the Sun would see it fitting to mention it.

How do you leave loyal readers of a 23-year Sun business writer in the dark? It is an insult to readers.

Have some dignity and the old Sun heart with a brief blurb saying Linda has moved on and mention her new blog.

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