Saturday, 10 January 2009

Say what?

An obviously well-informed newspaper vet says the following in a new What if? forum posting:

"Remember all the stories planted in the Sun about how bad the Star would be if they purchased the Sun: remember the blacked-out Page 3?"

Can a TSF reader give us a refresher course on "the blacked-out Page 3?"

What was that all about?

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  1. To use as a third-party source, I'm trying to find the Rosie Dimanno (TorStar) story about the blacked-out Page 3, but so far no luck. Shurely, Sun folks' memories can't be that short? Even radio and TV reported on it.

    Nevertheless, to get you started on another trail:

    Maclean's magazine:

    August 1998

    November 1998

    December 1998



    Read these Ryerson articles for "fun" quotes made by various Sun managers years ago. Compare then to now.

    Ryerson Review of Journalism