Thursday, 22 January 2009

Barack O'Bama

It felt so right typing Barack O'Bama for blog postings and e-mails before making the corrections. Must be the Irish in us, we thought.

And then we read John Doyle's TV column in Tuesday's Globe and Mail and O'Bama didn't seem so out of place after all.

According to Doyle, there is Irish in Obama, circa 1850s with the exodus of maternal ancestors from Ireland during the great potato famine. A fascinating read. Catch it while you can.

The Corrigan Brothers song Doyle references is on YouTube:

Meanwhile, the Sun's Mike Strobel wondered Wednesday if Obama is truly the first black president, considering the ancestries of some presidents.

What TSF would like to know is has there been any aboriginal blood in any of Canada's prime ministers. If not, perhaps that is a goal for Canada to achieve in our lifetime.

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