Tuesday, 6 January 2009

TV guide woes

Come Feb. 1, if you don't subscribe to home delivery of the Sunday Sun print edition in the GTA you won't be reading its television guide.

The once proud, prosperous and widely distributed Sunday Sun television guide has been reduced to a home delivery come-on.

Sun Media dropped distribution of the guide in all areas beyond the GTA last year after raising the price of the Sunday Sun in the boondocks to $2.50 - plus tax. Less for more.

On Sunday, the Toronto Sun told readers the TV guide won't be available in papers sold in GTA corner stores, kiosks and newspaper boxes as of Feb. 1 - only to home delivery subscribers.

And home delivery subscribers have to call the Sun to say they want to continue receiving the printed guide.

"At this time, TV Guide availability can only be guaranteed to home delivery subscribers contacting the Toronto Sun and requesting receipt," says the Sunday Sun notice on Page 2.

Say what?

It sounds like the bean counters are hoping few home delivery subscribers will call so they can deep six the print guide to save some more bucks.

Well, pull the plug already.

The Globe and Mail's Friday film/television guide and the Toronto Star's guide on Saturday are getting the job done quite nicely for those who find easily accessible printed guides more convenient.

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  1. If you can't enjoy your TV Guide on a Sunday, I am off to the Toronto Star. You are money hungry and could at least have sold it in the stores. What about the individual who has no computer? I do my guide once a week. Do you think I will go on the Internet to do that? I am not the only one. A lot of your customers will drop your paper. You want to be cheap, go ahead. A lot of other papers are available. You are bribing the people to subscribe so they can get the TV guide. Do you think people are crazy?