Thursday, 15 January 2009

Re Don Hawkes

Don Hawkes, former Toronto Sun associate editor and former Ottawa Sun editor, e-mailed TSF to say he's back in the GTA.

"I tried to post a comment . . . reacting to John Downing's latest e-mail," says Don. "I couldn't because the box that popped up was all in French and I couldn't understand any of it.

"I was fascinated to discover I had been the subject of much discussion between (Doug) Creighton, (Les) Pyette and Downing. None of this was known to me. I had been editor of the Ottawa Sun and wanted badly to get back to Toronto.

"Ottawa always struck me as a very pretty KGB town. My next-door neighbour was a spy. The neighbour on the other side MAY have been a spy too. He was definitely an American. All the intrigue left me cold - or should I say, out in the cold. So I wanted to come home.

"I always want to come home. Indeed, after 13 years away, I have come home to Toronto once again. I'd have told Downing, but I don't know how to contact him on the Trent canal. Maybe this will help.

"As for the Sun being fluff in the old days, saying that is pure sillyness."

Good to hear from you, Don.

BTW: Downing is blogging now.

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  1. Nice to here from Don after all these years. Used to really like doing his Science pages way back when.