Sunday, 25 January 2009

Propane watch

Ian Harvey, a former Toronto Sun staffer, comments on TSF's gas watch postings.

"Most people probably don’t notice, but propane prices are still stuck on full throttle," says Ian.

"I haven’t checked the propane price at the pump for taxis, but for BBQ refills it’s $15, whereas when crude was at $40 it was around $8 to $10."

Meanwhile, at the gas pumps, we've heard regular dropped to 57 cents a litre in Brockville recently.

We remember a day when buying gasoline was reasonably stable and not a daily game of gas pump roulette. Where is the justification for these wild swings in prices?

As mentioned, Shell and Petro-Can jumped from 69.9 to 82.9 overnight before falling back to 69.9 later in the day, while the price of oil on the world market continued to fall.

Tens of thousands of Ontario motorists are not only getting hosed, they are getting hoodwinked.

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  1. try out here in the Alberta (note - I live 10 kms from the Shell refinery and 15 from Petro-Cans).
    Propane is running between 89.9 and 98.9 while gasoline (at present) is 78.9....NOW, whose getting hosed?????