Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Bono meet Bono

When people are talking about a column written by Bono these days, be sure to ask: Bono the Toronto Sun vet, or Bono the rock star?

Bono the Sun columnist is our award-winning Mark Bonokoski, affectionately called Bono by colleagues and friends for decades.

Bono the rock star is now a New York Times columnist.

Is there room for another Bono in North American media? No doubt. They both have a lot to offer readers in their appealing and worldly ways with words.

Both sing, but only the Times' Bono gets paid to sing.

Bono the rock star, in New York Times one-upmanship, also reads his columns for the visually impaired and people who prefer listening while at the keyboards.

We are listening to Bono read his column about a Dublin bar and the music of Frank Sinatra as we type and it tells us the New York Times is ahead of most online media providers.

Reading columns online was an idea TSF reader Michael Cassidy of Port Hope had for Toronto Sun columnists a few months ago.

Our Bono has radio experience, so all it would take is a knowledgeable tech guy at to add audio clips.

The photo of Bono the rock star was taken by Deirdre O'Callaghan for his bio.

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