Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Seven buyouts?

Updated for clarification:

Seven Toronto Sun newsroom employees with more than 100 years of print media experience in total, are negotiating with Sun Media for buyout packages, sources say.

One source says if approved, the seven buyouts for union and non-union employees would save seven of the 49 jobs cut early in December and on Black Tuesday.

That would be good news for seven employees hoping for reprieves, but bad news for the Sun and its readers with a raft of experience floating out the front door.

"If the names I am hearing are correct, the paper will see well over 100-years collective service walk out the door," says one source. "What a waste."

TSF has heard names attached to a few of the buyout proposals and, if accurate, the purging of the "old ways" at the Sun will be nearing completion.

Once the final remnants of the glory days are out the door, PKP will have the flagship Sun sans vets who remember when the tabloid was more than just a source of income.

PKP doesn't want to hear about the Sun years when it had heart, character and focus, but as long as pre-Quebecor employees remain on the job, comparisons will be made.

In a brief 10 years, the 1971 Miracle on King Street has been downsized, sanitized, and demoralized by Quebecor.

What a waste, indeed.

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  1. I just picked up a paper from a Sun box. I didn't pay a dime. No, I didn't steal it. The box says "complimentary", as does the paper.

    No, this isn't in a hotel or truck stop.

    It was on Yonge Street...