Friday, 9 January 2009

Sun Media hiring

Sun Media chops 600 jobs in December and is hiring in January?

A Help Wanted ad posted today on is for three full-time layout editors in editorial in the GTA.

To be exact: "Sun Media Corporate Editorial is seeking three (3) Layout Editors to build pages for the chain's community daily newspapers.

"Reporting to Sun Media's Senior Editorial Co-ordinator (sic), these editors will design broadsheet news, entertainment and sports pages, edit stories, write headlines and compile sports agate."

The category: Graphics/Web/Newspaper. Deadline for applications is Jan. 16 and be ready to work by Jan. 26.

Go figure.

And "co-ordinator?"

Where are the proofreaders they laid off?

Update: Co-ordinator is CP style. Why?


  1. Regionalization starting already by building for the "community daily" newspapers?

    So basically, sit in Toronto, whip up some pages and send the PDF's out to fill the other papers instead of using their own copy.

  2. Never mind "co-ordinator." "Design broadsheet"?

  3. I'm pretty sure "co-ordinator" is CP style.