Wednesday, 24 December 2008

30 - Joe Bergeron

Peter Worthington has used his Toronto Sun column to campaign on behalf of many worthy causes since the 1970s and the work of Joe and Pat Bergeron at their Exotic Animal Sanctuary in Picton has been one of them.

Today, he writes about the death of Joe Bergeron, a man he says was a hero to people who care about animals and a champion of any animal in distress.

"Abandoned animals, and those who care about animals, lost a great friend last weekend."

And Toronto Sun readers lost someone they have been cheering for since Peter began writing about the threatened animal sanctuary more than five years ago.

Sun readers contributed more than $35,000 in responding to Peter's appeals to help save the sanctuary, run by Joe and Pat for 20 years.

Sun readers are a generous lot when it comes to appeals from columnists. Talk to Joe Warmington and Mike Strobel about recent reader response to publicized causes.

Readers might not have met Joe, but they will surely feel his loss through Peter's column.

"On a personal level, I've never known anyone more dedicated and realistic than Joe Bergeron, whose whole being was devoted to others," Peter writes.

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  1. God's Special Garden, has taken a Special Joe Bergeron. I have personally known Joe and Pat for almost 5 yrs. I am deeply saddened, by Joe's passing. You will be missed daily. Your Heart for the Animals, will always be a Gift, and I know you will be watching over Pat and your family and the Sanctuary.
    You will always be in my Heart.