Thursday, 18 December 2008

Brioux's regards

Former Toronto Sun TV writer Bill Brioux, one of the many talented staffers axed by Quebecor in previous cutbacks, offers condolences to the latest casualties on his TV Feeds My Family blog.

"A chilling 49 folks lost their livelihood right before Christmas at the Toronto Sun, including many former friends and colleagues," says Brioux.

"You can only shake your head when you read that endless list of names and think of all the families affected. How the hell do you cut six jobs at the North Bay Nugget, or 13 in St. Catharines, or 11 in Peterborough, without gutting a newspaper?"

You know the collective heart of the Toronto Sun Family remains strong when former casualties take the time to offer support years after their own layoffs and firings.

Quebecor has been gutting the Toronto Sun - and sister papers - for almost 10 years, but time hasn't diminished the compassion former Sun staffers have for colleagues still on the job.

You hope for better days, a new owner, a Christmas miracle, a PKP change of heart and strategy, but getting back to reality . . .

There was renewed optimism for better days while Michael Sifton was Sun Media chief for just over a year. The optimism plummeted when PKP took control of Sun Media and Canoe six weeks ago.

And rightly so.

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