Tuesday, 16 December 2008

TorSun -24

The Toronto Sun has lost 16 full-time editorial staffers, plus eight others throughout the building.

We can't imagine the gloom being experienced today in the newsroom. TSF is here if you want to vent. (Click here for the names of many of the casualities)

's Toronto Star story provides details of how a teary-eyed Lou Clancy, editor-in-chief, announced the cuts this morning.

The Star picked the perfect Sun front page for its story about Quebecor's massive job cuts.

"Road to Hell" reads the headline.

Sixteen newsroom staffers is not the road to hell. It is hell - for the profitable tabloid and its readers.

The Star quotes PKP as saying: "This decision in no way changes our commitment to our publications, our readers and our advertisers."

Bullshit. Bare bones newsrooms are not commitments to readers, to advertisers and to remaining staff with increasing workloads.

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