Thursday, 18 December 2008

Cuts updates

Now that the dust is settling and the full impact at Sun Media newspapers is more in focus, TSF invites updates, corrections and clarifications on the cutbacks. E-mail us.

Re the Niagara Falls Review: "The Review lost the equivalent of seven full-time jobs Tuesday, including three in the newsroom. Two fine editors were let go, as was a talented young writer named Marc Kilchling who started barely a month ago. It's simply a scramble to physically put out a paper at this point. It is especially tough because the Review's newsroom has fought its way back to respectability these past two years, and Tuesday stuck a dagger through all that hard work. It's a numb, defeated feeling. Not just for our paper, but for our industry."

Re the Peterborough Examiner: "We weren't given final numbers, but it's more than 11. Morale is horrible, but we are soldering on. We lost two very talented reporters: James Neeley – who had developed strong contacts and loved to chase big stories – and Laura Mueller – a new journalist who only started in the fall and showed great promise. We lost two very talented editors, who were not only great designers but also mentors and our friends: Bill Hodgins and Kennedy Gordon. We really miss them and the paper won't be the same."

Re the Edmonton Sun: "They've got us running scared here just like everywhere else. Just wanted to give you a heads up on the situation here. For starters, Dru Warwick didn't get the axe, but his wife (Cheryl) did. Reports are unclear as yet, but it seems the worst hit was taken by the classified department. The number circulating here is 21 positions lost company wide. There are rumours that profit sharing bonuses have been cut as well and that a wage freeze is now in effect."

Also re Edmonton: "Kathy Murrie got the axe. She was a long-time rim worker who was one of the organizers of last year's failed union drive."

Re the Toronto Sun: Others in the ad sales department: Laura Murphy, Help Wanted advertising sales rep; Maria Grey, Help Wanted coordinator; Andrew, automotive coordinator; Rick Payne, creative; Kathleen Hillier, retail advertising sales rep.

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