Monday, 8 December 2008

Wesley project

Hugh Wesley snapped his share of SUNshine Girls and helped package their annual calendars during his 27 years as a Toronto Sun photographer/photo editor.

The award winning photographer's latest work can be seen in a new calendar for 2009 - a world away from the scantily clad women who made the SUNshine Girls calendars so popular.

Hugh's impressive new photo project features active seniors from the Claremont Retirement Residence in Toronto and students from Greenwood College School.

The inter-generational photos show seniors in activities that would put most couch potatoes to shame, from skiing to mountain climbing.

Claremont's fundraising project is in aid of Free The Children, founded in 1995 by 12-year-old Craig Kielburger, an inspirational international children's rights activist.

At $12, plus $2 shipping - half the price of the SUNshine Girl calendar - the Claremont's calendar is a stocking stuffer that will help Free The Children educate more children.

"Proceeds from this calendar will help build a school, provide a life changing opportunity for children in need and start a legacy of learning," says a Claremont press release.

"The Claremont residents and Greenwood students have come together as generations, hand in hand, committed to supporting the needs of children around the world."

You can order a calendar by e-mailing Lynn Webster at, or call 416-440-0012.

If you have witnessed Craig Kielburger's passion for children's rights on the talk show circuit, you will understand why Free The Children has become a world concern.

As the press release says, the organization works to free children from poverty and exploitation by addressing its primary root cause - a lack of education.

Free The Children, now the largest network of children helping children in the world, has been nominated four times for the Nobel Peace Prize.

You are in good company, Hugh.

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