Friday, 19 December 2008

PKP Xmas video

Quebecor's PKP posted a Christmas greetings video today.

"Noel 2008?"

Pardon us while we reach for our size 10 shoes.

As a TSF readers says, "He has the nerve to send this out today after the news he delivered a few days ago. Merry Christmas indeed."


  1. I'm touched by your warm holiday wishes, Mr. P.

    Just wondering, did you also send this messsage to the 600 or so people whose lives you completely destroyed this week? Oh, that's right ... it was only sent to their (former) work e-mail.

    They'll have a wonderful New Year knowing you and your shareholders understand the true meaning of Christmas.

  2. What a horrible idea. What could possibly possess him to spend the money on a cheesy insincere Christmas wishes video? He looks like there is a gun to his back. It's basically another slap in the face.

    "New and great challenges," indeed. "Uncertain times," indeed.

    My holiday season just became happier, because I received Christmas wishes from the man who just laid me off.

  3. Do you think they got copyright clearance for the opening and closing music? The music itself (by Tchaikovsky) is not under copyright but that recorded performance is.

    For news purposes, clearance is not normally required if the music clip is under 20-30 seconds. But this falls under "corporate" usage.

  4. That may be the creepiest Christmas greeting I've ever seen.
    If you can't trust that guy, who can you trust?

  5. Peladeau doesn't get it. That is what makes him dangerous. Next, he'll petition the feds to ask for a bailout package for himself.

  6. Well, ho, ho, ho, PKP.
    As one of those 600 who got the boot on Black Tuesday, I missed his cheerful missive.
    Luckily, I had previously booked vacation around Christmas to do what PKP advised, "relax" and spend time with family.
    Only the relaxation will continue for longer than expected, bien sur.