Thursday, 18 December 2008

Spiked tributes?

One of today's posted comments reads:

"Words HAVE been written about the cutbacks and the lost colleagues - and those words have been spiked. So tone it back a bit - people are trying, but they do work for Quebecor. Remember who the villain is here and don't attack those left behind."

Send us the spiked words and we'll unspike them on TSF.

It is the Sun Media business story of the year and two pathetic paragraphs in the print edition of the Toronto Sun is not the editorial decision making worthy of the tabloid.

Read the Shame, shame comment from one of the 2001 cutback victims and compare the coverage of those job losses to Wednesday's insulting business brief.

For fair and balanced reporting on the loss of 600 Sun Media jobs, take a look at:

Grant Robertson's Globe and Mail story and the 41 comments;

's Toronto Star story;

Grant Surridge's story in the Financial Post and National Post.

Cowering in the shadows of Quebecor diminishes the Toronto Sun's credibility and its image as a feisty newspaper willing to speak its mind when the need arises.


  1. Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.
    A.J. Liebling

  2. It's a shame the comments on the Globe & Mail story are being sidetracked by anti-CBC rhetoric. That's moving away from the issue at hand. And I can't see how the closure of the CBC (as a couple of the comments advocate) could help the media issue in Canada. I wish these folks would think before posting those types of comments. Maybe they just want all our media to come from CNN or Fox News?