Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Orillia -3

The Orillia Packet & Times avoided using Sun Media's press release on the job cuts in today's paper and kudos to P&T editors.

"We're not going to sugar-coat it. It has been a couple of hard days at the Packet & Times," says today's story announcing three jobs have been lost.

"The Packet had to say goodbye to two people in different departments and eliminate an unfilled position in a third."

The paper also says:

""Because we're in the business of documenting the highs and lows of the companies and people of this community, we think it's important to be up front with news like this. How can we honestly put other businesses in the spotlight if we don't hold our own corporation to the same standard? It's a matter of credibility. And it's important that our readers understand that credibility is something we're passionate about.

"Because we feel that way, we're going to work hard to continue to serve this community as the number one source of local news and information.

"And so, like so many other companies these days, we'll mourn our losses, adapt to new realities and get on with the business of chronicling life in this community."

Refreshing quotes and individuality out of Orillia. Most papers are going with the Sun Media press release, with brief mention of the number of their job losses.

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