Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Sun -600 jobs

It is Black Tuesday as rumoured, but for 600 Sun Media employees across the country, not just the Toronto Sun.

The cuts, announced today, will reduce Sun Media's work force by 10% and Quebecor says "everyone is touched" by the cuts.

Details of the who and where in this pre-Christmas bombshell remain sketchy.

The company declined to specify how the layoffs would be divided amongst its operations but (Quebecor's Isabelle) Dessureault said "everyone is touched" by the changes, which include Sun-branded newspapers across the country and other local papers, says a Canadian Press story.

CP also says changes at the dailies have not been fully drafted, but the plan is expected to include more shared content between the local papers, which means fewer reporters covering national and international stories and in other sections, such as sports.

The cuts are the largest at Sun Media since 2001 when Quebecor slashed more than 300 jobs.

Sun employees have been Scrooged again big time. We feel your pain

TSF awaits the names of newspapers and employees affected.

Meanwhile, about 20 Sarnia Observer editorial employees have voted in favour of a union. The Observer is one of the Osprey Media newspapers purchased by Sun Media last year.

Editorial staff voted 13-5 in favour of joining the union, says Brad Honywill, president of Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada, Local 87-M.

"This brings the total number of workplaces, or units, in CEP 87-M to 36, with 11 new units being added in last three years," Honywill told TSF today.

"Tonight, 25 editorial, composing and mailroom employees at the Stratford Beacon-Herald vote on whether to leave their union and join CEP 87-M."


  1. Typical of Sun Media to do this a week before Christmas. I was one of the many let go in 2001 and I don't miss the place. It's when these folks move into other areas that they will learn how poorly regarded Sun Media really is.

  2. And the ex-staffers will also realize how poorly paid they were, how badly their talents were being squandered, and a host of other things about life after Sun Media.

  3. Um, are there no contributions from la belle province to the sacrifices? Sacrefice!!

  4. Most of my former colleagues who were laid off must still work to the end of the year. I suspect PKP needs the layoffs to kick in on Dec 31 to suit his books, and the two weeks notice means no pay in lieu of notice.

    "Sorry, you're laid off, but can you come in and work Christmas Day?"

  5. Le Journal de Quebec was on strike for 16 months, and Quebecor was just last week found guilty of violating that province's labour laws during the strike. I think PKP knows not to mess with that paper right now.

    Le Journal de Montreal might go on strike in the new year. I bet PKP is rubbing his hands with glee thinking of all the salary expense he will save during a strike.

  6. It looks like a whack of good talent got their arses kicked to the curb. Why don't you all get together and start your own online newspaper. Be tough at first, but it could be done.