Tuesday, 16 December 2008

FP re layoffs

The Financial Post sums up what Sun Media employees feared when PKP replaced Michael Sifton as Sun Media chief less than two months ago:

"It didn't take long for Pierre-Karl PĂ©ladeau to assert himself at Sun Media."

Indeed, it didn't. Before today, there had already been 13 staffers cut at the Kingston Whig-Standard and the Toronto Sun and the London Free Press axed its Sunday edition.

Perhaps Sifton, who was a calming presence for shell-shocked Sun Media employees following eight years of slicing and dicing, didn't agree with the need for massive layoffs.

Whatever, Sun sources called that Nov. 7 announcement by PKP Black Friday.

Now, Black Tuesday.

The remaining Day Oners who launched the Toronto Sun on Nov. 1, 1971, must be shaking their heads and shedding a tear watching all of their efforts fade to black.

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