Tuesday, 16 December 2008

EdSun -21?

Updated 18/12/08 re Dru Warwick
The Edmonton Sun lost at about 21 employees.

Sources say gone are:

Robert Taylor, a Day-one Edmonton Sun photographer;

Kevin Crush, a city-side reporter lured to Edmonton from the Grande Prairie Herald Tribune in the fall of 2007. Fired despite being the second-longest serving city-side reporter;

Jason Hills, local sports reporter;

Cheryl Warwick;

Kathy Murrie, longtime copy desk editor and one of the organizers of last year's failed union drive.

At least one person from special sections and unknown numbers in the advertising department.

TSF is waiting for confirmation of the rumoured resignation of a senior newsroom staffer.

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  1. A guy who's barely there a year is the second-longest serving reporter..?

    If that's not iron-clad proof of an epically screwed-up work environment, I don't know what is.