Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Joan Sutton e-mail

Speaking of speaking your mind . . .

An e-mail from Joan Sutton Straus, Toronto Sun Day Oner and founding Lifestyle editor, re Sun Media spiking columns:

"Spiking columns didn't begin with Quebecor, it began with the firing of Doug Creighton (in November 1992).

"The last column I wrote for the Sun was about Doug's firing. In it, I suggested it was time to stop referring to the board of directors as the board of directors and give them names - which I did.

"And, as is typical when a firing is an unpopular move, there were all kinds of rumors floating to justify that firing - that Doug drank too many martinis, that he was extravagant, etc. I wrote that if those were the true reasons for letting Doug go, then the board of directors should fire themselves as it had never bothered them before. They were known to drink martinis with him and had certainly enjoyed his generosity at seminars and in other situations.

"That column was spiked.

"Needless to say, I discussed this with various people, including Godfrey, to no avail. That was when I left the Sun for the last time.

"It was the only column of mine ever pulled at the Sun.

"(For the record, a column I wrote critical of Pierre Trudeau was pulled at the Star, but after various discussions they ran it intact the next day.) "

Thank you your e-mail Joan.

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