Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Odds & ends

Is there a reason why is using Moira Macdonald, with a small d in the columnist index and column headings, and the print edition is using Moira MacDonald, with a cap D? Did she request a small d, which is contrary to the cap D her late father, Bob MacDonald, used during his 50 years in the print media, or has got it wrong? Just asking.

Mark Bonokoski's continuing Red Road series on urban aboriginals is a long overdue focus on Canada's national disgrace. If the veteran journalist's 15-part series doesn't shame the federal government and Canadians at large into showing more compassion for aboriginal men, women and children, nothing will. The missing and murdered aboriginal women stats in Part 3 are shocking.

Editorial employees at Sun Media's Sarnia Observer, one of the Osprey Media papers purchased by Quebecor last year, will hold a union certification vote on Monday. If the numbers are there, the paper will be added to the ever growing stable of Southern Ontario Newspaper Guild members. SONG's Brad Honywill has been one busy union president since 2006.

A recent story says jackets lined with newspapers will be giving the homeless in Canada more warmth this winter. The lightweight, paper-filled jacket was invented by Toronto-based advertising firm TAXI and Canadian designer Lida Baday. So all of those Toronto Sun pages devoted to the losing Leafs, dysfunctional politicians and talentless bimbos can be useful after all? Cool.

We ask again: Will the Sun and Star be reducing newsstand prices beyond the GTA to $1 now that gasoline prices have been halved since the prices were hiked? How can they justify $1.50 weekdays and higher on weekends when they cited transportation costs as part of the reason for price hikes? Fair is fair, gouging is gouging.

We're going to miss Boston Legal. During its five-year run on ABC, courtroom summations in the award-winning series spoke to the contradictions and crimes of the Bush administration and other issues more eloquently than most mainstream media. Thank you David E. Kelly for intelligent dialogue and for using actors over 50. No more Alan Shore/Denny Crane dialogue on the terrace. That's a shame. What will the newlyweds do now?

The Inauguration Day clock: 40 days and counting.

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