Tuesday, 16 December 2008

CalSun -22

"Lost 22," says a Calgary Sun tipster after Quebecor announced 600 Sun Media jobs are being cut.

"Eight in the newsroom, including marquee sports columnist Eric Francis and veteran photog Jack Cusano," says the tipster.

"With his time in Toronto, I think Jack had 30 years with the corporation."

(Toronto Sun vets will remember Jack (pictured above) as a rising photog star when he decided to transfer to Calgary.)

Four more gone in the Calgary Sun's special sections and two on the rim, the tipster says.

"Merry Christmas."


  1. Sun sports won't be the same without Eric Francis.

  2. Way to go, guys, fire the only reporter you have who actually has multimedia presence in Calgary. Eric Francis is also a well-known radio show host, and his name is on billboards and he does a series of funny TV commercials promoting his show. Yeah, OK, so he doesn't wear a Calgary Sun T-shirt while he does this, but it doesn't matter, it's still face and name recognition. Fortunately he has the radio show to fall back on. As for Jack, it figures that the Sun would go for a layoff rather than an early retirement package for him (I have my fingers crossed that he actually got a golden handshake).

    I'm confident all these cuts -- not just at the Sun, but at CanWest, as well -- will come back to bite the bean-counters, bigtime.