Thursday, 18 December 2008

TAB cartoons exit

One day, you are being recognized by Sun Media for your 2008 block of work as an editorial cartoonist - and the next day you learn you will soon be out of the picture.

And so exits Thomas "TAB" Boldt, creator of the widely used TAB editorial cartoons and part of the Sun family since 2001. His contract will end in January.

The Association of Canadian Editorial Cartoonists says Boldt learned Wednesday he was one of the 600 in Sun Media's cutbacks announced Tuesday.

"The depressing news of job layoffs of American editorial cartoonists we Canadians have become all to accustomed to reading about in recent years has unfortunately struck closer to home," the association says on its web site.

"Today, Thomas "TAB" Boldt learned the devastating news that he has been cut from Sun Media as part of a major labour reduction that'll see its workforce reduced by 10%, amounting to a total of 600 being laid off."

Sun Media cartoonists Andy Donato, Sue Dewar and Tim Dolighan are unaffected by the cuts.

Thomas began drawing editorial cartoons for the Calgary Sun in 2001 and has been viewed in papers across the Sun Media chain for 2 1/2 years.

Says the association:

"Reflecting on his position among the crew of Toronto area based editorial cartoonists who work under the Sun Media umbrella, TAB said, "I was always outta the loop, not a good thing sometimes."

Also see The Daily Cartoonist site re TAB's demise and forum comments.

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