Tuesday, 16 December 2008

WinSun -12

Updated 17/12/08 re numbers
A Winnipeg Sun story says that newspaper's casualties total 12, including three in editorial.

The Winnipeg Free Press quotes a union rep as saying four or five production staff members were cut in the past two weeks and the remainder were announced this morning.


  1. Well, it's another example of a megalomaniac manager who works by a rigid formula which links projected revenues to headcount....he needs cash flow to keep his grandiose schemes in other areas alive so what we end up papers that have no local personality, McTabs whose piss and vinegar have been gutted, who share the same cookie cutter layout the same editorials, same columnists, same wires, same news with just a few inches of local copy..newspapers with fewer and fewer resources which don't break news but just trail meekly after everyone else...

    How long will it takes before PKP outsources the national wire desk to Bangalore India where a bunch of high educated, underpaid layout guys will work for $30 a day slapping copy which has been auto edited into story holes and zipping the work direct to plate on the presses...cutting out a whole layer of workers "we don't need" heck, they could also post the stuff on line at the same time if we pay 'em $1 a day more.

    Now that's how you run a newspaper, right PKP?

    Great timing you heartless bastard.

    Ian Harvey