Thursday, 18 December 2008

A reader speaks

Not heard from in the days following the axing of 600 Sun Media employees are the readers.

It's not likely Toronto Sun readers will have the opportunity to lament the departures of almost 50 employees, including high profile staffers like Linda Leatherdale and Jane Stevenson.

We don't see the Sun publishing letters to the editor or allowing online forum comments when it devoted a mere two paragraphs to the story.

So we've borrowed one of the many comments posted on a Globe and Mail forum, one of 41 posted in reaction to the layoff story.

We are confident it echoes the sentiments of longtime faithful Toronto Sun readers.

The comment, from Walter Reducka, readers, in part:

"I have seen Sun Media papers (the Suns) deteriorate steadily since Quebecor took over the chain. What a shame! They used to be really good little papers. But it seems 'journalism' ceased to be a criteria for their existence . . .

"So I keep hoping that someday (soon) someone who really cares and takes pride in providing Canadians with decent journalism will buy out the Suns. Maybe then 'The Little Paper That Grew' can start to grow again - but in a meaningful way for READERS, too!"


  1. Hope pkp has a real difficult time sleeping on Christmas Eve while the families he has impacted spend the holidays conserving money and job searching.

  2. Exactly. And of course all the high-priced, overpaid weasel "managers" are still overpaid and will be quite fine, thank you. Merry Christmas! Sycophants, weasels and jackasses all.