Thursday, 18 December 2008

Blog watch

Updated 23/12/08 re Reddit forum comments

While TSF set another hits record Wednesday, with more than 1,800 by midnight, other blogs and forums have been busy reacting to Sun Media's buzz saw.

Here are a few sites:

Reddit: This site has a page of comments about the Toronto Sun and other Toronto dailies.

Media Watch: Chicago-based blog by journalist Craig Kanalley, who writes "It's so sad to see the newspaper industry come to all of this, and I feel deeply for all Canadians affected by these cuts."

News Photographers Association of Canada forum: A popular haunt for photogs, including current and former Sun staffers. Dave Chidley writes, in part: "It was 25 months ago that the last wave of Quebecor cuts sent me to my freedom. All I can say to the colleagues who are now being shown the door, is take a deep breath and realize that you now have an opportunity. An opportunity to do those things you never had time for. To make the changes you never had the courage to take the leap and try. Or just the opportunity to evaluate what is important in life and live a little."

At Home in Hespeler: An Ontario site with some interesting comments but it seems to be confusing PKP's resignation from the board of the troubled Quebecor World with his control of Quebecor Media. What can we say about Inc., World and Media other than confusing?

Notes From a Teacher: Mark Hamilton, a U.S.-based journalism teacher, keeps tabs on North American newspapers and says: "The idea that Canadian newspapers would weather the financial storm better than their southern neighbour appears to be crumbling."

The Cairns Blog: Canadian blogger John Cairns writes: "And in the world of newspapers here in Canada, Sun Media proved that they are also a completely heartless and classless bunch by having a big 600-person bloodbath just in time for Christmas."


  1. Thanks for the link. I think I finally got the Quebecor corporate structure sorted out.

  2. I appreciate the shoutout. I truly do feel for all affected - just a few weeks ago, a number of my former colleagues were let go at Gannett's Rochester, N.Y. metro paper. Right before Christmas at that, it is cruel. The leaders of these companies need to lead the industry forward, not scale back.