Monday, 22 December 2008

Sen. Peter W.

He is not on the list of 18 new Senators appointed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper today, but the least the Tories should do is name Peter Worthington an honourary Senator.

Peter, a veteran Telegram/Sun journalist and longtime political columnist, has done more to promote provincial and federal Conservatives and their viewpoints than most sitting Senators.

That hasn't always been easy, considering the track records of some of the premiers and prime ministers along the way, but he has been a true blue Tory throughout.

Toronto Police Chief William McCormack made Doug Creighton an honourary police chief at his 64th birthday party in 1992, a few weeks after he was ousted from the Sun.

That official gesture was for Doug's support of the men in blue since his days as a Toronto Telegram police reporter in the 1940s.

Peter, who co-founded the Toronto Sun along with Doug and Don Hunt, deserves to be recognized in the same fashion for his unwavering dedication to the party of his choice.

Senator Worthington.

It's overdue.

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