Tuesday, 16 December 2008

TorSun -49

Updated 20/12/08
An updated list of today's Toronto Sun casualties now totals 49, including Money editor Linda Leatherdale, entertainment desk editor Derek Tse and Jason MacNeil, the new music critic.
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The updated count from a reliable source puts the editorial layoffs at 28; advertising at 17 (names, please) and four in the corporate sales office. The following are 39 people named.

There will be union negotiations, possible bumping and buyouts to save jobs, so the numbers and the names could change.

Linda Leatherdale, a tireless veteran Toronto Sun trooper was the Money section. She was among the last of the vets with a connection to readers, as her organized protests over gas prices, credit card rates and other causes showed. (See photo)

Derek Tse recently returned to the Toronto Sun after a stay at the Toronto Star. He and his wife, on maternity leave from the Sun, are proud new parents.

Jason MacNeil was just settling in as the new Sun music critic. He was hired following the death last spring of the popular Sherri Wood, who died of cancer at 28.

Also updated by sources:

Tim McKay, sports desk editor;

Dave Hilson, sports desk editor;

Gregor Chisholm, sports desk editor;

Jon McCarthy, entertainment desk editor;

Clarisa Feliprada, librarian;

Danielle L'Ami, librarian;

Davina Biln, librarian;

Adam Bishop, librarian;

Josh Robinson, proofreader;

Ashley Hampson, proofreader;

Dila Velazques, proofreader;

Alan Marshall, part-time webber;

Kurt Larson, video editor;

Corporate sales office:

Maria Girimonte, national sales director;

Peggy Perin, national sales manager;

Shannon McPeak, vice-president corporate sales;

Ursula Bak, marketing research manager.

Plus the previously mentioned editorial and real estate ad department layoffs:

Dave Ellis, assistant city editor;

Jane Stevenson, chief music critic; (job saved)

Ken Winlaw, copy desk editor;

Ernest Doroszuk, photographer;

Dave Abel, photographer; (job saved)

Calvin Reynolds
, photo desk, quiz master;

Debbie Holloway, photographer;

Amy Chung, reporter;

Bryn Weese, reporter;

Jenny Yuen, reporter; (job saved)

Don Peat, reporter; (job saved)

Jason Buckland, reporter;

Jana Stern, resale real estate advertising department;

(Name deleted as requested), resale real estate advertising department;

Cindy Aristizabal, resale real estate advertising department;

Laura Murphy, Help Wanted advertising sales rep;

Maria Grey
, Help Wanted coordinator;

, automotive coordinator;

Rick Payne
, creative;

Kathleen Hillier, retail advertising sales rep.

Not a good day in Toronto for the Sun and its readers.

TSF will provide updates if and when jobs are saved.


  1. When you thought a newsroom couldn't be any emptier?


  2. Just as a point of correction for a colleague who's taken a hit, Jane Stevenson is our paper's chief music critic - yes, she reviews concerts but also interviews the stars, reviews CDs and covers the Grammys and Junos. Someone very hard to replace.

  3. In all the years since I left the Sun (2001), I have never been moved to make a comment on this site ... until now. Pierre-Karl should be hoisted on his own petard. Of all the times of the year to do this. I feel a great deal for Linda Leatherdale, whom I have known for years, and although I didn't know Derek Tse well, I knew of him at the Star when I was there on contract. Pity he went back to a lost cause and that, sadly, is what the Sun is. Back in 2001, Pierre-Karl concentrated on getting rid of all the old hacks, such as myself and anyone else who dare to reach the age of 50. Now it seems anyone is fair game as a lot of the names om this sad list are nowhere near that age. I don't know why they just don't put the Sun out of its misery instead of this death by a thousand cuts. Shameful and shameless. The Grinch has nothing on Quebecor.

    Linda Fox (thankfully retired from the ruthless world of publishing)