Sunday, 21 December 2008

Re John Schenk

The online teaser for a Gare Joyce story in the January issue of Reader's Digest reads:

"His job as a police reporter prepared John Schenk for a higher calling: humanitarian aid worker. But before he could save others, he had to save himself."

Hmm, said former Toronto Sun photographer Bill Sandford, a subscriber to the Reader's Digest print edition, that would be our former police desk reporter from 1977 to 1981.

They don't give stories away on Reader' so we'll have to buy a copy to read more about a former colleague who left the Sun to travel the world with World Vision, occasionally feeding exclusive stories to the Sun.

"It's a good read, showing how one can find meaning in life, using what your former occupation has taught you," Bill says of the story in the print edition, titled The Mission.

The RD story uses John's old Toronto Sun press card for art and it is surprising how many of us still have and treasure our outdated laminated press cards.

John has been with World Vision for more than 20 years, so there is some catching up to do.

This former cop desker paired with John on a police story in 1977 involving an interview with a surly relative of a crime suspect and just as well. He got nasty, but big John faced him down.

You can read more about John on TSF's Hired in the 70s posting.

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