Monday, 22 December 2008

Is Money dead?

Has the Toronto Sun's Money section in the print edition been yanked? It wasn't in today's Sun, days after business editor Linda Leatherdale left the building.

Most Toronto Sun readers looking forward to today's Monday morning Money read and Linda's column - as read on previous recent Mondays, Dec. 1, Dec. 8, Dec. 15 - were no doubt puzzled.

Puzzled because the Sun hasn't said a word in print about Linda being among the 600 Sun Media employees named when the axe fell last Tuesday.

That sucks big time - for Linda, her faithful readers, her ever-expanding business and government contacts and Sun columnists who obviously aren't being allowed to bid her adieu.

Joe Warmington tried to salute Linda for her tireless years at the Sun, but his column was spiked. That column was unspiked for TSF and you can read it here.

As we said earlier, Linda WAS the Money section and quietly letting her go when the economy is North America's top news story almost daily is beyond belief.

(The online Money section was nothing but CP and AP copy today.)

The sweep-it-under-the-carpet handling of Linda's exit and all of the other employees named on Black Tuesday diminishes the credibility of the Toronto Sun.

Is it RIP for Money?

Stay tuned.

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