Thursday, 4 December 2008

Brioux's 1st year

Bill Brioux's TV Feeds My Family blog marked its first birthday Tuesday and the former Toronto Sun TV writer recaps the eventful year here.

He also talks about why he got into blogging and the 100,000-plus hits logged during a radio interview with CHML's Scott Thompson, which can he heard here.

Bill says what was launched to shamelessly promote a book has developed into a fascinating TV talk forum with a world-wide audience.

Happy first, fellow blogger. Many more.

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  1. Can't thank you enough for all the support and throws over the past year, John, you've really helped me connect with so many colleagues and readers from my days at The Sun. Thanks also for all the inspiration and example you provide daily at Toronto Sun Family, I think of your editing instincts every time one of my leads starts rambling on past the one dozen word mark!