Friday, 19 December 2008

Port Hope office

Job losses at Sun Media are threatening the future of the historic 1800s Evening Guide newspaper office on Walton Street in Port Hope, says Northumberland Today.

"The (Walton Street) office will be closed to the public while we re-evaluate our presence on the main street of Port Hope," says Gordon Brewerton, publisher of Northumberland Publishers, which publishes the Cobourg Daily Star, Port Hope Evening Guide, Colborne Chronicle, GO! Magazine and seven specialty magazines.

The story by Joyce Cassin says two editorial staff and one Port Hope office staff member were among Tuesday's casualties. No names were available.

TSF wishes the Walton Street newspaper office a future. It has character and speaks to more than a century of print media publishing in Port Hope.

If closed, maybe we can talk Farley Mowat et al to revive The Town Crier, a free publication published on various occasions to speak to community issues and, for a spell, to protest Conrad Black's ownership of the Evening Guide.

The Evening Guide, later sold to Osprey Media, fell into Sun Media's hands in 2007.

Speaking of the Cobourg/Port Hope Sun Media papers, we're hoping Pete Fisher's job is secure for years to come. His dramatic front page baby rescue photo in Thursday's Sun is yet another award winner for the tireless reporter/photographer.

Classic tabloid fare.

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