Thursday, 18 December 2008

Nat. editorials?

National editorials four to five times a week, packaged with editorial cartoons, for editors across the Sun Media chain to cut and paste?

That's the word today from a Sun Media insider.

Just when the Toronto Sun was in a most comfortable groove with a balance of anonymous editorials representing the voice of the newspaper and signed Point of Views.

Says the insider in an e-mail to TSF:

"As an update, we got word today that Sun Media is going to start doing national editorials four to five times a week. Come February, they will supply a template with the editorial and the cartoon, leaving room for local letters to the editor.

"This is going to drive a stake into the heart of the local coverage of so many of the small community papers Sun Media owns, and is counter to its claims that it will preserve local content.

"We've been told we will be allowed to maybe use two local editorials a week. This will negatively impact the local voice of the papers in their communities and reduce the diversity of opinion in our country."

What say you Rob Granatstein, editor of the Toronto Sun, Lorrie Goldstein, associate editor, and Peter Worthington, founding editor and co-founder of the Sun?

Does that predominately national voice sit well with you?

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