Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Money is toast

Update: Rewrite . . . Money returned Wednesday. It is a tidy tabloid business page for readers wanting a quick biz fix, but the local personal touch is gone now that Linda Leatherdale has departed.

The Money page in the Toronto Sun print edition has been MIA for two consecutive days.

It appears the tabloid has pulled the plug now that veteran business editor Linda Leatherdale has left the building.

There goes another Sun reader draw - passionate crusades led by business editors to protest gas prices, credit card hikes, taxes and assorted other causes since the 1970s.

Those high profile Sun reader campaigns helped Garth Turner get to Ottawa and made Linda Leatherdale a household name.

It is less for more for Sun readers as Quebecor continues to whittle away all of the layers that made the Sun what is was - a unique, feisty tabloid with a keen interest in reader participation and feedback.

Nothing but wire copy on torontosun.com's Money pages this week.

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